Pressure-induced loss of metallicity in RuO2

Melanie White, Daniel Schacher, G. Alexander Smith, Dean Smith, Changyong Park, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat


Stable and metastable structures of tin (IV) oxide at high pressure

Daniel T. Sneed, G. Alexander Smith, John S. C. Kearney, Christian Childs, Changyong Park, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat, Dean Smith

The equations of state of statically compressed palladium and rhodium 

Mungo Frost, Dean Smith, Emma E. McBride, Jesse S. Smith, Siegfried H. Glenzer

Detecting driving potentials at the buried SiO2 nanolayers in solar cells by chemical-selective nonlinear X-ray spectroscopy

Masafumi Horio, Toshihide Sumi, James Bullock, Yasuyuki Hirata, Masashige Miyamoto, Bailey R. Nebgen, Tetsuya Wada, Tomoaki Senoo, Yuki Tsujikawa, Yuya Kubota, Shigeki Owada, Kensuke Tono, Makina Yabashi, Takushi Iimori, Yoshihiro Miyauchi, Michael W. Zuerch, Iwao Matsuda, Craig P. Schwartz, Walter S. Drisdell

Probing lithium mobility at a solid electrolyte surface

Clarisse Woodahl, Sasawat Jamnuch, Angelique Amado, Can B. Uzundal, Emma Berger, Paul Manset, Yisi Zhu, Yan Li, Dillon D. Fong, Justin G. Connell, Yasuyuki Hirata, Yuya Kubota, Shigeki Owada, Kensuke Tono, Makina Yabashi, Suzanne G. E. te Velthuis, Sanja Tepavcevic, Iwao Matsuda, Walter S. Drisdell, Craig P. Schwartz, John W. Freeland, Tod A. Pascal, Alfred Zong, Michael Zuerch

Pressure Driven Alkane Dehydrogenation by Palladium Metal

Mungo Frost, Emma E. McBride, Dean Smith, Jesse S. Smith, Siegfried H. Glenzer


Saturable Absorption of Free-Electron Laser Radiation by Graphite near the Carbon K-Edge

Lars Hoffmann, Sasawat Jamnuch, Craig P. Schwartz, Tobias Helk, Sumana L. Raj, Hikaru Mizuno, Riccardo Mincigrucci, Laura Foglia, Emiliano Principi, Richard J. Saykally, Walter S. Drisdell, Shervin Fatehi, Tod A. Pascal, Michael Zuerch

CO2 laser heating system for in situ radial x-ray absorption at 16-BM-D at the Advanced Photon Source

Christian Childs, Dean Smith, G. Alexander Smith, Paul Ellison, Daniel Sneed, Jasmine Hinton, Emily Siska, Jeffrey S. Pigott, Eric Rod, William O’Donnell, Ran Salem, Blake Sturtevant, R. Jason Scharff, Nenad Velisavljevic, Changyong Park, Ashkan Salamat

Gearbox designs for the diamond anvil cell: Applications to hard-to-reach-places

Paul B. Ellison, Dean Smith, Stanislav Sinogeikin, Ashkan Salamat 

Pressure-induced metallization and 3d-like behavior in TcS2

Dean Sayre, Emily Siska, G. Alexander Smith, Nicholas Chang, Changyong Park, Frederic Poineau, Craig P. Schwartz, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat

Separating Non-linear Optical Signals of a Sample from High Harmonic Radiation in a Soft X-ray Free Electron Laser

Toshihide Sumi, Masafumi Horio, Tomoaki Senoo, Tetsuya Wada, Yuki Tsujikawa, Xiaoni Zhang, Paul Manset, Mihoko Araki, Yasuyuki Hirata, Walter S. Drisdell, John W. Freeland, Angelique Amado, Michael Zuerch, Yuya Kubota, Shigeki Owada, Kensuke Tono, Makina Yabashi, Craig P. Schwartz, Iwao Matsuda

Pressure-driven symmetry transitions in dense H2O ice

Zachary M. Grande, C. Huy Pham, Dean Smith, John H. Boisvert, Chenliang Huang, Jesse S. Smith, Nir Goldman, Jonathan L. Belof, Oliver Tschauner, Jason H. Steffen, Ashkan Salamat

Dispersion interactions in proposed covalent superhydride superconductors

Lazar Novakovic, Dean Sayre, Daniel Schacher, Ranga P. Dias, Ashkan Salamat, Keith V. Lawler

Deviation between quartz‐in‐garnet elastic geobarometry and equilibrium‐based pressure–temperature modelling in Barrovian metamorphic rocks

Suzanne R. Mulligan, Michael L. Wells, Thomas D. Hoisch, Ashkan Salamat, Christian Childs, Oliver Tschauner, Suzanne Craddock Affinati, Marci A. Wills, G. Alexander Smith 

Diamond and methane formation from the chemical decomposition of polyethylene at high pressures and temperatures

Erik B. Watkins, Rachel C. Huber, Christian M. Childs, Ashkan Salamat, Jeffrey S. Pigott, Paul Chow, Yuming Xiao, Joshua D. Coe


Polarization-Resolved Extreme-Ultraviolet Second-Harmonic Generation from LiNbO3

Can B. Uzundal, Sasawat Jamnuch, Emma Berger, Clarisse Woodahl, Paul Manset, Yasuyuki Hirata, Toshihide Sumi, Angelique Amado, Hisazumi Akai, Yuya Kubota, Shigeki Owada, Kensuke Tono, Makina Yabashi, John W. Freeland, Craig P. Schwartz, Walter S. Drisdell, Iwao Matsuda, Tod A. Pascal, Alfred Zong, Michael Zuerch 

Prevalence of pretransition disordering in the rutile-to-CaCl2 phase transition of GeO2

G. Alexander Smith, Daniel Schacher, Jasmine K. Hinton, Daniel Sneed, Changyong Park, Sylvain Petitgirard, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat

A 70‐Year‐Old Mystery in Technetium Chemistry Explained by the New Technetium Polyoxometalate [H7O3]4[Tc20O68] ⋅ 4H2O

Konstantin E. German, Alexander M. Fedoseev, Mikhail S Grigoriev, Gayane A. Kirakosyan, Thomas Dumas, Christophe Den Auwer, Philippe Moisy, Keith V. Lawler, Paul M. Forster, Frederic Poineau 

Software for the frontiers of quantum chemistry: An overview of developments in the Q-Chem 5 package

Evgeny Epifanovsky, Andrew T. B Gilbert, ... Keith V. Lawler, ... Yu-Chuan Su

β-Technetium: An allotrope with a nonstandard volume-pressure relationship

Emily Siska, Dean Smith, Christian Childs, Daniel Koury, Paul M. Forster, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat

Implications of an improved water equation of state for water-rich planets

Chenliang Huang, David R. Rice, Zachary M. Grande, Dean Smith, Jesse S. Smith, John H. Boisvert, Oliver Tschauner, Ashkan Salamat, Jason H. Steffen 

Equation of State for Natural Almandine, Spessartine, Pyrope Garnet: Implications for Quartz-In-Garnet Elastic Geobarometry

Suzanne R. Mulligan, Elissaios Stavrou, Stella Chariton, Oliver Tschauner, Ashkan Salamat, Michael L. Wells, Alexander G. Smith, Thomas D. Hoisch, Vitali Prakapenka 

Decoupling Lattice and Magnetic Instabilities in Frustrated CuMnO2

Keith V. Lawler, Dean Smith, Shaun R. Evans, Antonio M. Dos Santos, Jamie J. Molaison, Jan-Willem G. Bos, Hannu Mutka, Paul F. Henry, Dimitri N. Argyriou, Ashkan Salamat, Simon A. J. Kimber

Synthesis and chemical stability of technetium nitrides

Emily Siska, Dean Smith, Ashkan Salamat, Keith V. Lawler, Barbara Lavina, Frederic Poineau, Paul M. Forster

Coexistence of metamagnetism and slow relaxation of magnetization in ammonium hexafluoridorhenate

James Louis-Jean, Samundeeswari M. Balasekaran, Keith V. Lawler, Adrián Sanchis-Perucho, José Martínez-Lillo, Dean Smith, Paul M. Forster, Ashkan Salamat, Frederic Poineau 


Response of the mode Grüneisen parameters with anisotropic compression: A pressure and temperature dependent Raman study of β-Sn

Jasmine K. Hinton, Christian Childs, Dean Smith, Paul B. Ellison, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat 

Optical and electronic solutions for power stabilization of CO2 lasers

Christian Childs, William O’Donnell, Paul B. Ellison, David P. Shelton, Ashkan Salamat 


Preparation and characterization of benzotriazolium perrhenate

James Louis-Jean, Harry Jang, Keith V. Lawler, Paul M. Forster, Jeffrey Ash, Frederic Poineau

Uncovering Multiple Metal–Metal Bonding in a Tetranuclear Fluoride Rhenium Cluster or the Curious Case of {[Ni(H2O)6](NH4)4}[Re4F18]·4H2O

Samundeeswari Mariappan Balasekaran, Keith Lawler, Adelheid Hagenbach, Andrea Abram, Ulrich Abram, Alfred Sattelberger, Frederic Poineau

Anomalous Conductivity in the Rutile Structure Driven by Local Disorder

Dean Smith, Daniel Sneed, Nathan Dasenbrock-Gammon, Elliot Snider, G. Alexander Smith, Christian Childs, Jeffrey S. Pigott, Nenad Velisavljevic, Changyong Park, Keith V. Lawler, Ranga P. Dias, Ashkan Salamat

The purported square ice in bilayer graphene is a nanoscale, monolayer object

Tod A. Pascal, Craig P. Schwartz, Keith V. Lawler, David Prendergast 

An Atomistic Understanding of the Unusual Thermal Behavior of the Molecular Oxide Tc2O7

Daniel S. Mast, Keith V. Lawler, Bradley C. Childs, Kenneth R. Czerwinski, Alfred P. Sattelberger, Frederic Poineau, Paul M. Forster 

Probing disorder in high-pressure cubic tin (IV) oxide: a combined X-ray diffraction and absorption study

Daniel Sneed, John S. C. Kearney, Dean Smith, Jesse S. Smith, Changyong Park, Ashkan Salamat 

Predicting partial atomic charges in siliceous zeolites

Jarod J. Wolffis, Danny E. P. Vanpoucke, Amit Sharma, Keith V. Lawler, Paul M. Forster

Effects of pressure on the structure and lattice dynamics of α-glycine: a combined experimental and theoretical study

Jasmine K. Hinton, Samantha M. Clarke, Brad A. Steele, I-Feng W. Kuo, Eran Greenberg, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Martin Kunz, Matthew P. Kroonblawd, Elissaios Stavrou 

Electronic origins of the giant volume collapse in the pyrite mineral MnS2

Dylan Durkee, Dean Smith, Raffaella Torchio, Sylvain Petitgirard, Richard Briggs, Innokenty Kantor, Shaun R. Evans, Tapan Chatterji, Tetsuo Irifune, Sakura Pascarelli, Keith V. Lawler, Ashkan Salamat, Simon A. J. Kimber 


Simple imaging for the diamond anvil cell: Applications to hard-to-reach places

Dean Smith, David P. Shelton, Paul B. Ellison, Ashkan Salamat 

Pressure‐Tuneable Visible‐Range Band Gap in the Ionic Spinel Tin Nitride

John S. C. Kearney, Miglė Graužinytė, Dean Smith, Daniel Sneed, Christian Childs, Jasmine Hinton, Changyong Park, Jesse S. Smith, Eunja Kim, Samuel D. S. Fitch, Andrew L. Hector, Chris J. Pickard, José A. Flores‐Livas, Ashkan Salamat 

A CO2 laser heating system for in situ high pressure-temperature experiments at HPCAT

Dean Smith, Jesse S. Smith, Christian Childs, Eric Rod, Rostislav Hrubiak, Guoyin Shen, Ashkan Salamat 

Covalency is Frustrating: La2Sn2O7 and the Nature of Bonding in Pyrochlores under High Pressure–Temperature Conditions

Christian Childs, Keith V. Lawler, Andrew L. Hector, Sylvain Petitgirard, Ori Noked, Jesse S. Smith, Dominik Daisenberger, Lucile Bezacier, Marek Jura, Chris J. Pickard, Ashkan Salamat 

Syntheses, Raman spectroscopy and crystal structures of alkali hexafluoridorhenates (IV) revisited

James Louis-Jean, Samundeeswari Mariappan Balasekaran, Dean Smith, Ashkan Salamat, Chien Thang Pham, Frederic Poineau 

Postaragonite phases of CaCO3 at lower mantle pressures

Dean Smith, Keith V. Lawler, Miguel Martinez-Canales, Austin W. Daykin, Zachary Fussell, G. Alexander Smith, Christian Childs, Jesse S. Smith, Chris J. Pickard, Ashkan Salamat 

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